Friday, October 19, 2012

Kale and Tahini Sandwiches- Post 15

I used to love to go out and get a sandwich or a sub. When traveling, I would often stop at Subway and get a vegan sub. They were not spectacular, but they were satisfying. I was also delighted with any place that could make a good vegan sandwich. When I got the gluten free news, I realized that sandwiches would no longer be on my plate when going out. Every once and a while I come across a place that has xgfx bread, but it is not that often. 

Therefore, I take matters into my own hands. John and I have an array of sandwiches, but up there on the list are tempeh or tofu ruebans and a kale and sauerkraut sandwich that we found in the Vegan Vittles cookbook. I recently made fermented pickles and I wanted to try them in a sandwich, so I decided to take the kale and kraut idea and make it a kale and pickle sandwich. I wanted to use my freshly fermented cucumbers for more than snacking right from the jar. 

There is not much of a recipe here, but I will share the main ingredients. Here they are: steamed kale, pickles, tahini, grain mustard, gluten free bread, olive oil spray. I put the tahini on one piece of break and the mustard on the other, then the kale and pickles in between and then spray the bread and toast. 

There you have it a kale, pickle, tahini, mustard sandwich. You might think it sounds odd, but I can promise you that it is DELICIOUS!!


Caitlin said...

i don't think this sounds odd at all- it sounds delicious. omg. i love tahini and kale so much. and pickles.

GiGi said...

Now that is my kind of sandwich.

Sarah said...

Very interesting combination. I think it would be amazing - especially with those pickles! divine!

affectioknit said...

It really does sound good to me!

~Have a lovely day!

Ingrid said...

I will have to try this combo at some point!

foodfeud said...

You sure packed that kale in! It sounds fantastic.