Monday, October 22, 2012

Bull City Vegan Brunch Challenge Continued- Post 16

As I mentioned in a previous post, Durham is having a vegan brunch challenge for the month of October. I have been supporting the restaurants that have a vegan option that is also gluten free. The challenge has six participating restaurants and three offer gluten free options. 
This past weekend we went to Bull Street Market and Gourmet. To be honest, I have been most excited about this restaurant as they showed creativity in the two participating dishes.  For one dish they offered Tofu Hash consisting of white and sweet potato, rosemary, green beans, and a red pepper and tomato sauce. The other dish was potato, corn, and peanut cakes with a coconut and onion "cream and green beans. 
Photo courtesy of the Bull City Vegan Challenge Volunteers

John and I met a friend for breakfast before the farmers market. While eating, we ran into other friends. It was a nice morning of sun, conversation, local coffee and delicious food! John and I enjoyed both dishes, but we each had a favorite. Interestingly, we had different favorites. Mine was the tofu hash and John's was the potato, corn, and peanut cakes. 

Photo courtesy of the Bull City Vegan Challenge Volunteers
Even though I had a favorite, I would gladly eat either dish for breakfast or brunch. They were a delicious start to a beautiful day! After the market, we spent the remainder of the day in the yard working. 

On Sunday, we ended up at The Refectory with my parents and as luck would have it, I forgot to take a picture of the tofu taco scramble AGAIN. I do not want to to have to guess about this dish, so I am posting a photo that someone else had taken (to be honest, all of these pictures are from the BCVC Facebook page as my photos were not acceptable to post). The dish was even better this time around as I was able to get the homemade salsa to go on top. As a follow up to the meal, I had the vegan gluten free chocolate chip cookie. It was a nice ending to a filling lunch. 

Photo courtesy of the Bull City Vegan Challenge Volunteers

My wish is that all of the participating restaurants will keep their dishes indefinitely.  I have never been one to dine out for brunch, but if these options stay around I might reconsider.


Caitlin said...

what delicious brunch dishes! i think i would love the potato corn peanut cakes!

Kittee Bee Berns said...

that tofu taco salad does look great! i hope you figure it out.


panda with cookie said...

That tofu hash looks good.

GiGi said...

Looks like a terrirific bunch of brunches.

Ingrid said...

I also hope that they continue the vegan brunch items! I like brunch, but it has become so popular that the wait at most places isn't worth it.

Mandee said...

Oh wow, all those meals look fantastic, I am so impressed with those options ;D