Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Rawktowber - Post 13

The title of this blog is a little deceiving. I have not spent this month eating only raw and posting raw recipes. I have only made a couple of things this month that are raw, but several months ago I tried a week of all raw eating. Almost anyone who has eaten raw will tell you they feel better, on the inside and out. Raw food, if done right, is packed full of nutrients, minerals, and protein. And yes, I did say protein. Organic food it its natural state is amazing and satisfying. I also spent less time in the kitchen when I made raw food as most of my work was prep. No time spent over the stove or peeking in the oven. I do not plan on going 100% raw, but I would like to incorporate more of it into my daily meals.

In effort learn more about raw food prep, I took a class taught by Triangle Raw Foods with two friends. They are an amazing local company that has a raw food truck and delivery service that is mostly vegan. Their food is rich, heavenly, and 100% gluten free. They also have monthly tasting parties in which they serve up a sampling of their best dishes. Included in that are some of the best desserts I have ever had! And yes, I am comparing them to cooked vegan and non-vegan desserts. They make the most heavenly creations! 

This photo is courtesy of Triangle Raw foods.
The night of our class we made tacos and sour cream served in a lettuce cup. The tacos were made from pumpkin seeds, carrots, walnuts, spices, and tamari. The sour cream was made from cashews. We placed the two mixtures in a romaine lettuce leaf and topped it with guacamole and salsa. The meal was delicious and it inspired me to make it at home. The difference is that I made them into a raw burrito. We purchased greens at the farmers market and it was a green that was new to me and I did not right down the name. The farmer said that it was similar to collards, but not bitter. To make the green more pliable, I soaked it in water, salt, and lime juice for an hour. Then I filled it with the taco filling, tomato, and sour cream. 

Raw taco with cashew sour cream
The result was a delicious fulfilling dish! Thanks to Triangle Raw Foods for the informative and fun class. If you live in the area, you should look for their food truck and/or order them online!


Caitlin said...

wow! that's so awesome you took a raw foods class. i would love to do that. the raw tacos look and sound delicious! i'm definitely inspired to try making a similar version, soon!

Dawn said...

Those look fantastic! I need to look into that place.

Kittee Bee Berns said...

just yum, amanda! yum!

affectioknit said...

Awesome! It looks delicious!

~Have a lovely day!

GiGi said...

Agree with the scrumptiosness. So dig raw food!

Ingrid said...

How cool! I love cooking classes!