Sunday, October 16, 2011

Tofu Reubens Please!

Post number 12 for VeganMoFo.

John and I seriously heart tempeh reubens. Whenever they are on a men
u, we order them. Once I see it, I cannot really eat anything else and I just want the reuban. After going gluten free, I thought I was going to jump for joy and hug the owner when a local vegan friendly restaurant carried gluten free and vegan tempeh ruebans. Luckily, I behaved myself. I truly enjoy the flavors, especially the sauerkraut! Those that know me, know that I am a lover all salty picked foods.

We usually make tempeh ruebens, but we decided to try it out with tofu this time. It just so happens that I had a gluten free vegan ryless rye bread from the Gluten Free Galley and I just had to have a rueban (don't forget that they have a vegan/gluten free box!)! The bakery really does a great job of getting that rye flavor while still having a gluten free bread (note that rye is not gl
uten free).

This sandwich did not disappoint. It was warm, delicious, and rye-like with the caraway seeds in the bread. We served it up with purple sweet potato fries, and a salad. The meal was so good and I had to walk away after one sandwich because I knew that I would be too full if I ate a second. Needless to say, I had delicious leftovers!

Tofu Ruebans (4 sandwiches)
  • 1 lb of tofu
  • Braggs liquid aminos- spray bottle
  • Garlic powder
  • Onion powder
  • Ground pepper
  • Olive oil spray or vegan butter
  • Sauerkraut
  • Thousand Island dressing- vegan/gf
  • 8 slices of vegan cheese
  • Gluten free bread
Drain the tofu and cut into slices. Spray a baking dish with olive oil spray and place the tofu slices in the dish. Spray the slices with about three squirts of the Braggs, sprinkle with a little garlic and onion powder, and pepper to taste. Flip the slices and repeat. Bake in the oven at 400 for about 10-15 minutes on each side until they get a bit crispy. Remove from the oven and set aside.

Heat a flat skillet to medium and prepare your bread slices by spraying or buttering one side of each piece. Lay 4 of the pieces of bread on the skillet buttered side down. Spread a dab of the dressing, then the cheese, then the sauerkraut, then 2-3 slices of the tofu, then another dab of the dressing. Top off with a slice of bread, buttered side up. Cook for a couple of minutes and then flip. Cook on the other side a couple of minutes and remove from the skillet when the cheese has melted and the bread has browned to your liking. ENJOY!


Isobelle said...

I haven't ever had a Reuben. I don't think I really eat sandwiches very much either. But this looks great! I would love to try it some time.

Mandee said...

I've never had a Reuben but that looks great. I also get super excited when I find vegan AND gf places to eat!

Ingrid Improves said...

Oh my! My "to-make" list keeps growing; first the peanut butter tofu, now the Reuben! I never ate one as a non-vegan, but the ingredients seem wonderfully tasty.

John M said...

I can verify that it tasted great!

Kristen said...

I love tempeh reubens. I never thought to try it with tofu. Looks good! And now I'm craving one... :)

Cara said...

Okay, okay...I can't even conceptualize this because my mouth is watering so badly. I had to keep rubbing my eyes to make sure I was reading this correctly. I'm definitely trying this recipe! Oh and, where in the world did you find gluten free bread that looks THAT good? I must know!!!

VeggieAmanda said...

Hi Cara- I found the bread at Gluten Free Galley It is a local GF bakery. I think they deliver. :-)

affectioknit said...

YUM! I love vegan reubens!

I nominated you for the Liebster Blog award!

Have a lovely day!

Cara said...

Awesome--checking out Gluten Free Gallery stat! Thanks Amanda :)

Cara said...

P.S. I absolutely LOVE your blog name! I was thinking about it this morning and how clever it is :)

VeggieAmanda said...

I'm so glad you like the name Cara! :-)