Saturday, October 22, 2011

Saturday Morning Farmers Market

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I am lucky to live in a place with an abundance of farmers markets. We have a state run one which I would never waste my time at as they truck in produce from other states. It sort of defeats the purpose of a true farmers market. We also have many local markets. The one in Durham only allows farmers within 75 miles of Durham so that the food there is truly
local. Many of the other smaller markets have the same restrictions and it really allows the residents to buy local.

The market also gives us the freedom to ask farmers questions and make edu
cated choices in the produce that we purchase. John and I made the decision that we will only purchase produce from those farmers that don't sell meat. We also only shop at the stands that choose to care for their plants in a way that is compatible with the earth. We refuse to buy from those that use harmful pesticides and herbicides. We would choose only organic, but unfortunately the farmers are small and being certified organic is expensive.

Our market is open all year long and for that we feel fortunate. Every week that we are in town, we wake up and head to the market to get as much as we can local. We are approaching the end of October and we are still able to buy an abundance of produce for the week. This week we purchased the following: Swiss chard, kale, ginger, passion fruit, sweet pot
atoes, radishes, tomatoes, bell peppers, and red leaf lettuce.

Below is a close up of the beautiful red leaf lettuce that we purchased. If you have never had lettuce grown in your back yard or from a farmers market, you are missing out. It is so much better than what you can get in stores. The same is true for tomatoes. Local food is healthier because it does not have to travel for hundreds of miles and therefore is given more time to ripen, increasing its nutrient value. It is also more flavorful!

Please remember to patronize your local and sustainable farmers!


Isobelle said...

Beautiful finds! Buying produce from Farmers Markets is the best (and even easiest) way to get fruits and veggies, and it helps support the community too - which is awesome. I really like this post!

Cara said...

I think the highlight of my week is going to the farmers market, really. I LOVE that place!! I really hate having to buy produce at the store now--I have realized that just feels so unnatural to me. You and I both are very lucky to have year-round markets. I feel so grateful as well...

Mandee said...

It sounds like you have a fantastic local market scene. We don't have that as much but I do know of a market nearby, I should go more often.

GiGi said...

We have a beautiful fresh market near us. So fortunate to live in Northern California!Thank you for posting.

Anonymous said...

I also avoid the farmstands that sell meat; I didn't at first and so I missed going to the usual places, but the farms that don't sell animals have more than enough good stuff for me to buy! I think it's important to vote with your dollar in this instance.