Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Vegan Cupcakes Take Over the World, Act Four

It was February and by now I had made three other recipes that had all been successful. Acts One, Two, and Three had been winners and it was time for Act Four! We were invited to celebrate a birthday party of a friend and what could be better for a Birthday celebration than a cupcake? Nothing, of course.

In between acts three and four, I purchased unbleached, earth-friendly cupcake liners that I found at Earth Fare. The less bleach that we can consume, the better!

I thought about making a cupcake with mounds of frosting, but I decided against that approach. Beth likes fruity things, but one of the rules of the invite was no fruit, so had to think harder (Alfonso, her hubby and our friend, does not like fruit). It was Beth's special day and I would abide by her rules. I remembered that she liked my vegan peanut butter cups and it seemed clear to me that I had to make a peanut butter cupcake with something chocolaty on top.

I knew just where to look and found exactly what I wanted Peanut Butter Cupcakes with Quick Melty Ganache. As I made the batter, I wanted to dive in and eat it straight. I had to restrain myself though because these were for a friend and her party. Once the cupcakes were in the oven I scooped out every last bit of goodness in the bowl and gobbled it down. All I can say is MMMMMM!

The cupcake batter was filled with peanut butter (duh), molasses, flax seed, and several other ingredients. This combination produced heavenly, moist, and fluffy cupcakes. The ganache was very simple and produced a perfect topper for this cupcake. Frosting would have worked well, but I felt this cupcake needed a ganache on top. Besides, ganache is more fun and sounds fancier than frosting.

To top off these cakes, I chopped up unsalted and roasted peanuts and called it an afternoon. My next and only real challenge was to get them to the party. I wanted them to make it safe and make it without one of us breaking down and scarfing them up before the party.

Luckily, we had success and they made it safe. The cupcakes seemed to be a hit based on the compliments that I received. I think Beth liked them and that is what mattered because it w
as her celebration. I am pleased to say that John and I loved them! I expect that this treat will be made and enjoyed again!


affectioknit said...

Oh how I love that book! Your cupcakes look amazing!

B said...

mmmm...those cupcakes were good!

VeggieAmanda said...

Yay! I am glad you liked them. :)