Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Love Life As Much As You Love Dessert

I recently became one of the author's on the EtsyVeg blog. I decided to sign up for this because I need something more out of life. I tried starting an Etsy store several years ago and it is not going as I had planned. I need to get my passion back, promote my store, create more products, and put up for sale the products I have. I have not been motivated and have been lacking confidence.

I do not know how to get either back, so I decided to take things in other directions. Two such things have been baking vegan cupcakes and writing for the EtsyVeg blog. As you know by my blogs, the cupcake baking started about six months ago.

I have enjoyed every second of it and feel a passion. Recently, I learned of some news that might stop or severely stunt my pledge to bake these cupcakes. I am trying not to be down and depressed, so I had to find something else. The opportunity to write for the EtsyVeg blog came along and jumped in. I have had a slow start, but I posted my second blog for the group today titled "Love Life As Much As You Love Dessert."

Like everyone else, I just want to be happy. As of late, my emotions have been impacted and I have a feeling that I can do and be more in life. I do not know what the more is, but I want to find it. I am on a mission to find what my more is.

I have cut and donated my hair because part of finding my more has to be giving to others. I know that it includes giving, but I don't know what else. Maybe I won't ever find it, maybe I will get lost along the way, maybe I will find something else. I just know I have to try.

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affectioknit said...

I love your cupcake posts - and I'm following the EtsyVeg blog now too!

All the best!