Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Vegan MoFo's Coming!!!

September is a great month! So many people that I love and cherish celebrate a Birthday in September. It also usually signals the approach of somewhat bearable temperatures in North Carolina. This year, however, has been unseasonably pleasant and I am not at a point where I am wishing it would cool down. In fact, this year has me wondering what happened to summer. I am usually so ready for fall, I leap into it with excitement.  September is not quite fall and not quite summer, but it is the warm up or count down to my favorite month of all- OCTOBER!! 

This year September is even more exciting because the annual Vegan Month of Food (a.k.a. VeganMoFo).  This glorious event allows bloggers all around the world to get together and blog about vegan food. I have participated several years in a row and 2013 is no different. I plan to create 20 posts for the event. 

Some of my favorite posts from years past have become staples in my household and even among friends. There is nothing more honoring than a friend taking one of your recipes and bringing it to events. The recipe that I would have to say has been imitated the most is my Gluten Free Mac n Cheeze recipe which I created and posted in MoFo 2010. Another top contender for me was my 2011 creation of Peanut Butter nooch tofu. That post is has brought a lot of traffic to my blog and is a favorite go-to dish when comfort food is needed. 

I have also enjoyed all of the blogs that I follow during the MoFo season. It is hard not to feel personally connected to some of the bloggers after following them each day. Beyond the posting, is the daily reading I will do each day. I look forward to the new blog friendships that I will create and the ideas that will inspire me during and after MoFo. 

This year, I am doing things a bit differently. I am going to have a theme! I am still working it out completely, but my first post will explain the theme. I also pledge to post 20 times in the month of September. 

Happy MoFo'ing!