Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Letters for Lilly

I know, I know-I promised I'd be back to blogging at the beginning of the 2012. It is now almost March and I'm barely back. I planned to post blogs and to read blogs in January, but I failed. The past couple of months have been...well...let's just say they have been. It is a long story, but there is no need to tell it here. Sometimes we just have to shrug our shoulders and agree that things are what they are and move on.

In the spirit of moving on, I bring you another post about letters. I received a request from a childhood friend, Carrie (also known as "Taweewee"), to make letters for her niece. I agreed, but it took me longer than it should have to complete the letters. She asked me in April and I sent them to her in time for Christmas. I guess they are better late than never.

Carrie informed me that the theme was animals and I wanted to make the letters
cute, but not too girlie. Those of you that know me, know my disdain for all things pink and girlie. I just don't get the love that some people have for that color- it makes me want to puke. So do girlie things. The thought of monogrammed handbags, aprons, and floral patterns literally makes my head spin. I must have missed the girlie boat. I'm cool with it though, I like my boat better- it has less flowers. :-)

With the theme information, I made the design my own hoping that it matches Lilly's room. Carrie seemed pleased with the letters and I hope that Lilly enjoys them for years to come! Happy first year, Lilly!