Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Purple Indian Inspired Recycled Pillow

In my mission to bring joy to my life, I made a goal to update my Etsy shop. It has been a while since I have updated my merchandise or created anything new. The inactivity has been weighing on me. I have several vintage pieces that I wanted to add and have many ideas for other products, but I have not gotten around to it.

I decided to start slowly again. So, on a rainy day I put on my glasses and got to work. I pulled out the pillow that I had recycled from an old shirt along with vintage pieces and added several listings to my store.

I started by adding a listing for a purple Indian inspired pillow. Every time I look at this pillow, I smile. It reminds me of my freshman year of college. Every so often, there were vendors that would set up shop on campus and I loved looking at their items. My favorite shops were the ones that had the hippie clothing and accessories. There was something about them that drew me in. I dreamed of having an all bohemian wardrobe, but did not have the money to support that look. I broke down one day and spent my hard earned college money on a purple Indian inspired shirt. I loved this shirt! It was different than most other shirts that I owned. After owning and wearing this shirt for over 10 years, I felt it was time to retire it and make it into something that others could enjoy. The only thing that would highlight its lovely silver designs was a pillow.

I hope someone else will enjoy this pillow as much as I enjoyed my shirt!


Meredith said...

Very cute!

VeggieAmanda said...

Thanks, Meredith! It took a bit of work b/c I had to carefully cut out some of the silver designs and sew them on to the front of the pillow in a cohesive pattern. It was fun and worth it in the end!

Lotus Out Loud ॐ said...

I love handmade with a story, and that's a great one. The pillow is beautiful! :)

affectioknit said...

It's beautiful!

jaipur handloom - manju lata said...

LOVE all of these gorgeous pillows, so beautifully produced and perfect for home decor. Such a beautiful blog you wrote.

You can find some more on my etsy shop as well