Monday, July 12, 2010

Loving Life

I recently posted a blog about on my page about loving life and on the EtsyVeg blog (they were different posts, same topic). I am blogging about it again because I need to remind myself to try and love life when I feel stuck, especially when I feel stuck.

The question still looms- why don't I love my life as much as I love dessert?
I am not sure I know the answer or that I am willing to delve into it through a public blog.

I just have to stick to my pledge to do things that bring me joy. I have been trying. John and I rallied our families together and we went to the mountains to spend a long weekend. John and I are planning a week long vacation in the Caribbean. We went to a winery festival for the day with my parents about a month ago. I spontaneously made up a dessert one night when in the mood for chocolate (John loved the dessert and I hated it.).

And most recently, John and I went on a tubing adventure on the Dan river with friends and then headed to a vegetarian restaurant. My friend Stephanie organized an awesome tubing event and we decided to go.
We both love nature and we have never tried tubing before. Not only did we get to spend time in nature, we got to spend the day with awesome people.

We floated down the Dan river for about three hours in individual tubes. At times we had what we called the "floatzilla" where we all traveled in a clump of tubes together. Other times we tubed away from others or in small groups. It was all a blast! The conversations and the people were so much fun.

When tubing was complete we headed to Boba House, a delicious vegetarian restaurant in Greensboro. John and I used to frequent this restaurant when we were both in graduate school and I would visit him on the weekends. It was our favorite date spot. It was exciting to enjoy the restaurant with a large group of people.

The day concluded with a hilarious drive home with Stephanie, James, and John. I loved every minute of this day. From the second I got up and got ready for the farmer's market to the time we all said good night. This most certainly sticks to my pledge to do things that bring me joy. Now if only I would have brought my camera to post pictures of our tubing fun.

What have you done lately to bring yourself joy?


affectioknit said...

We love tubing - my parents home is right beside a river in WNC - the restaurant sounds awesome too!

Lotus Out Loud ॐ said...

Finding joy is so important- choosing joy over the not-so-joyful stuff in life is even more so. It's so inspiring to follow your journey with that. Thanks for sharing it, Amanda! xoxo :)

VeggieAmanda said...

Thanks Kylie! I appreciate your friendship and positivity. :-)

Hannah said...

Your post is so inspiring! Far to few people seriously think about and seek out joyful things, just because, and I think that it's a real shame. It helps balance out the unavoidably nastier bits of life! That's where knitting and crocheting come into the picture for me. ;)

VeggieAmanda said...

Thank you, Hannah! I am trying to be a joyful person. Blogging is another thing that makes me happy. :-) I spend too much time doing things b/c I have too and often forget that having fun and being joyful is important. Thanks for your support!