Monday, February 15, 2010

Vegan Cupcakes Take Over the World, Take One

A couple posts ago, I wrote about how I received "Vegan Cupcakes Take Over the World." It is now time for me to start blogging about the cupcakes! In mid January, I decided to dive into the book and get started. I first thought about starting at the beggining, but then decided that I would just make what I wanted until I got as far as I wanted. So, here I go!

In this case, I actually did start with the first recipe, Golden Vanilla Cupcakes. The instructions suggest several frosting pairings, which all sounded good. After careful consideration of the frosting section of the book, I decided to go with the Chocolate Buttercream. The first step was to check out our pantry to see what I was missing and then head to the store. Once I had what I needed, I started by organizing all of the ingredients and utensils on the counter.

The recipe was straightforward and easy to follow. I went with the basic recipe and used vanilla and almond extract. The recipe has suggestions for variations, but I decided to keep it simple and follow the main recipe. In no time, I my batter ready and into the cupcake liners. One of the things I love about vegan baking is that you can eat the batter raw, without any worry of salmonella poisoning because there are not any eggs. I tasted the batter and I loved it! If it was this good raw, the end result would be great.

Now that the cupcakes were in the oven, the aroma drifted through our home and my sweet tooth was kicking in. I quickly moved on to the Chocolate Buttercream recipe at the back of the book. Again, I followed the basic recipe without any of the variations.I had fun tasting the frosting as I went along. I had to make sure it was suitable. :)

By the time I was finished with the frosting, it was time for the cupcakes to come out and cool. I transfered the cakes to a wire rack and let them cool. Once they were completly cool, I was able to frost them with ease. I do not have any fancy frosting tools to pipe on frosting, so I used a kitchen knife. The frosting does not look professional, but I was least concerned about looks in this case.

I finally had a finished product and it was time to dig in. I invited John to join in the tasting. I felt like a little kid again as I removed the paper lining and took my first bite. The chocolate, vanilla, and almond hit my tounge and I was in heaven. Yes, we had a winner!!

The cupcakes were better than I expected. They were fluffy, rich, and delicious! I was so happy to have my first attempt be so successful. It motivated me to want to try more and very soon. There was an office birthday coming up and this sucess inspired me to pick out the next two recipies that I would try......Choclate Mocha Cupcakes!


affectioknit said...

They look gorgeous and delicious!

Anonymous said...

I think of that raw egg thing as living on the edge.