Monday, February 8, 2010

"Vegan Cupcakes Take Over the World" (And So Will I)

I normally do not ask, or want, anything domestic. It just isn't me. John and I share domestic duties, we both take responsibility for household chores as working adults. Having said that, I am the one who prefers baking. John enjoys cooking and does it regularly, but he has no interest in baking. I am cool with that, it is not his thing. It is not really my thing either, but over the past couple of years I have been interested in vegan baking. It fascinates me and I want to learn more about it.

After hearing all of the buzz and tasting samples from the cook book "Vegan Cupcakes Take Over the World" by Isa Chandra Moskowitz and Terry Hope Romero, I knew what I wanted for Christmas. When John asked me what I wanted I asked for this cookbook (when I ask for books, I always ask for them used. It is better for the environment). He seemed a bit surprised, but knew he would reap the benefits from my Christmas present.

I was delighted when I opened this book for Christmas. As I flipped through the pages, I knew I had made the right choice. Isa and Terry have a whimsical and humorous style of writing that draws you into the recipes. They even include a section called "Cupcakes A to Z" answering the question "Why cupcakes?". They cite such reasons as adorable, blogworthy, joy, oligarchy, transcendental, and voluptuous.

While I agree with all of their reasons, I am going to choose blogworthy. My plan is to make many, of the recipes and blog about them. I probably won't get to them all because the combinations are endless with all of the cake and frosting recipes. I will do my best of baking a good representation of this book and blogging about the cupcakes and the baking.

What does that mean? Several things. 1- John will get to eat cupcakes and he will be a happy guy. He told me that his tummy personally thanks me. (Yes, you should be scared, it scared me too) 2- I will get to eat and blog about cupcakes. Two wins! 3- My friends and family will get to eat cupcakes. Yumm-o! and 4- You can read my reviews, if you care.

I will not promise to do this every week or even every month. This is fun for me so I am going to do it when the mood or occasion strikes me. I want this to remain fun and not become a chore. I already have two recipes under my belt and I am anticipating a third soon. Will you join me for the ride?

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affectioknit said...

It is an awesome book! and I've got to make 24 cupcakes for Scout's class on Friday...