Sunday, February 21, 2010

Fun With Friends, Tiles, and Alcohol Ink

To say that I feel a lack of creativity in my life lately is an understatement. For months I have wanted to go back to creating, but I have had a hard time motivating myself. Knowing this, my friend, Diana invited me over to get my creativity on by making alcohol ink tiles that she saw on a blog called Artysville. Just one glance at these tiles hooked me in.

Diana was kind enough to buy the materials (I offered to pay, but she said no) and have me and Beth over for some tiling fun. I went to her house after work one day and she had all of the supplies ready to go on her dining room table- tiles, alcohol blending solution, alcohol ink, Q-tips, and a water based sealer.

We munched on snacks and got to work. We started with the alcohol blending solution as a base. The next step was to drop on the bits of color and watch them expand. If I did not like my design, I could just use the blending solution and wipe it off and start from scratch. I could also use the blending solution to lighten areas of my tiles and add in other colors.

When the tiles were dry, we then used the sealer to provide a protective shield (which, by the way takes four weeks to cure). We each applied four coats, waiting 20 minutes
in between each coat. While we waited, we had fun chatting and snacking some more. The company and the tile decorating was great! I am going to use my tiles as coasters.

I think we did a great job for our first try. What do you think?

(Diana's tiles)

(Beth's tiles)

(My tiles)

While I loved all of the tiles, I had a few favorites. These are not in any special order.


affectioknit said...

Those are so awesome! Can you install them with grout now and use them in your kitchen - or are they strictly art?

VeggieAmanda said...

Thank you. I am pretty sure you can install them with grout in a kitchen. You might want to check the original blog that we got the idea from, just to be sure.