Friday, September 19, 2008

My First Sewing Projects

About four years ago, my Mom bought a new sewing machine and she gave me her old one and a copy of Sewing for Dummies. The machine is a red Husqvarna from the 1970's. If she would have given it to me while in high school or college I would have said "no thanks." When she gave it to me, I was just out of graduate school and looking to learn new things. I had discovered a new/foreign concept called “free time” and was able to read through the sewing machine manual the Dummy book. It had been many years since school Home Economics where I learned how to sew. I had to start anew.

I decided to start by making purses from placemats. My purses were a hit! That first year, all the females in my life received purses for presents. The purses began with grosgrain ribbon handles and then evolved to solid handles (I still sometimes use grosgrain handles). I even tookthe time to sew on buttons and snaps to close the purses, where appropriate. As my purse-making evolved, I experimented with fringe and beading designs. All in all, it was becoming a fun hobby.

I took a break for a while and learned how to sew other creations. Recently, I have decided to make them for friends and family again. So far, each one has been received with delight. I think that people appreciate that someone took the time to make something for them. Finding the right placemat and handle can take a long time and I enjoy that search. With each purse that I make, I consider the person and their style. I think of the colors that they wear, their preferred style of clothing, and their lifestyle. I put my heart into each purse that I make.

I plan to make these purses, among other things, for my etsy store. The only difference is that I plan to make the purses from reused placemats and fabric samples. My impact on the environment will be far less if I can make creations from something that was already in use. Instead of buying new fabric, I can use old fabric that is still in good shape.

Now if I could only get my etsy store up and running. Please come back and visit my blog soon! I will post a blog when I open the store.


Connie said...

Amanda--I totally will buy one of your purses! They are fabulous!!!

Peace & Love.

Sarah said...

Love the purses...and I love your machine too! I'm attempting to collect vintage sewing machines. I love the red, it's so unique!

Meredith said...

Love the last purse -- the one with the polka dots. And, of course, I love mine too!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful! Are they machine washable?

VeggieAmanda said...

Thanks for all of the nice comments on my purses! :-)

Jennifer- Not all of them are washable. If the placemat is washable, I leave the tag in to indicate. I would not put the handles in the wash- they would need to be removed.

jk said...

Found this - may be a cute way to make tags out of recycled materials for your bags :