Friday, November 5, 2010

Bulll City Vegan Challenge-Toast

Blog #5 for the vegan MoFo 2010 Challenge!

It was nearly the end of the Bull City Vegan Challenge and time to try our last restaurant. There were a total of ten participating restaurants, but we could only eat at five. The others weren't willing to make their dishes gluten free or never responded to me.

Toast was kind enough to offer for me to bring my own gluten free bread and offered to wrap it in foil, so it did not touch the panini press where wheat had touched. In addition, they asked for suggestions on good gluten free bread to buy. Unfortunately, I could not pass along any suggestions because I have not come across good gluten free, vegan bread. So, I brought with me the only gluten free, vegan bread I could find and tolerate.

We got to the restaurant and were greeted by one of the owners. I was so impressed by her willingness to accommodate me. John and I both ordered the vegan panini containing roasted butternut squash, greens, pickled onions, and other veggies. I honestly don't know what was on this sandwich, but it had so much flavor and it all worked together! It even made my crappy GF bread taste good. I don't know if it was from the pickled onions or the toasting of the panini bread. Whatever it was, it worked!
As a side to the panini out table shared an order of warm olives. They were drizzled with olive oil, pepper flakes, and citrus. This was a delightful side to our panini.

My panini on gluten free bread

John's panini on regular wheat bread

When we finished eating, we were still a bit hungry and had been eying the soup of the day listed on the chalk board. The soup contained lentils and peppers- both spicy and mild. John and I ordered a bowl to share and we were not disappointed. We loved the lentils and the flavoring of the soup. It would be perfect for a chilly evening.

We ended the BCVC on a high note. It was a great way to end a month of delicious food in Durham. Our hope is that the BCVC event will have accomplished two things.

  1. That the community will realize that there is a need for a vegetarian (preferably vegan) restaurant in Durham. In my first blog about the BCVC I discussed all of the interest in Durham and my fingers are crossed that a local entrepreneur will pick up on the need.
  2. The participating restaurants will also recognize the need and make vegan options as permanent staples on their menus. If vegan options are placed on Durham area menus, we will come out to dine! (Disclaimer- it does have to be tasty)
    Thanks again to Eleni Vlachos and Chef Shirle' for an AWESOME challenge. I am so excited for next year!


    celyn said...

    Amanda, you were one of the winners for the giveaway yesterday, but I can't find contact info for you anywhere. Can you please email me your contact details?

    celyn said...
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    Connie said...

    Have you tried the Rudi's Oraganic gluten free? Their regular bread is very good.

    VeggieAmanda said...

    I have looked at it in the store and I don't remember it being vegan. I'll check again to make sure I didn't miss something. Thanks for the suggestion!

    Jim Penny said...

    You paid good money for squash? Ewweee!!!!