Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Bull City Vegan Challenge- Dos Perros

Blog #2 for vegan MoFo 2010 (check me out on the blog roll)!

October was shaping up to be a great month. It was early on an I had already been to two of the restaurants participating in the Bull City Vegan Challenge. John and I decided to go to Dos Perros on a weeknight. I emailed them in advance to find o
ut if the challenge entree was gluten free (gf). It wasn't, but they assured me that they could easily make it gf. I was also presented a list of all of the options on the menu that could be vegan and gf.

The dish that Dos Perros entered into the contest was a Pipian rojo of soy "chicken" and vegetables, served with black beans and rice for $14. Since soy chicken is not gf, they said that they could make mine with roasted sweet potatoes. I was excited to try the substitution. Before I had to go gf, I had the dish with the soy chicken. It was lovely and I was excited to try the new element.

We got to the restaurant on a Wednesday after work and ran into friends- Rob, Eleni, Lena, and David. Eleni was the reason for this challenge and I
was glad to run into her. The wait staff seated us next to our friends so we could chat. The wait staff was very educated about gf diets and our waitress informed me that I couldn't eat the tortilla chips because they were fried in a friar that has wheat products (yes, just another lovely thing I have to deal with). Instead, she brought us unfried corn tortillas that we dipped in their amazing salsa!

We enjoyed the entree thoroughly, John's with the soy chicken and mine with the sweet potato. My favorite part of the dish was the spice level. Dos Perros has been able to capture spice nicely. Not only is their food flavored with the perfect blend of spices, they provide a nice level of heat as well. The sweet potato ended up being the perfect substitute for the soy chicken. It was hardy, firm, and blended well with the pipian rojo, rice, and beans. The dish was extremely filling and I could only eat about half as I wanted to save room for dessert.

Our waitress offered us a vegan dessert of jalapeno sorbet with candied orange on top. We decided to get the dessert because the combination was too interesting to pass up. The dessert was very creative. It was the type of dessert that is best shared with another person as the flavor gets pretty intense.

John and I both really enjoyed Dos Perros and plan on making it a regular part of our dining out experiences. Let's not forget to support them and their awesome vegan entree so that they keep it on the menu! Thanks, Dos Perros!


Jim Penny said...

Jalapeno sorbet? Tell me you jest.

The rest looks good, especially the beans and rice. The sweet taters might be interesting there.

Meredith said...

Jalapeno sorbet sounds amazing. I'm definitely going to play with that next summer.

VeggieAmanda said...

Jim- no jesting here! It was good.
Meredith- You'll have to post your recipe. I'd be interested in making my own.

mollyjade said...

That plate looks saucy and wonderful!