Monday, December 21, 2009

Graduation and Walk Down Memory Lane in Greensboro

As usual, I am behind on my blogging. I have many blogs to get too, but this one seems to jump to the front of the stack. I am sure you will agree.

On December 17th, John (my husband), me, my parents, his parents, his sister and family, and his other sister and husband all met in Greensboro to celebrate John's graduation. This was not just any graduation, this was the day he was officially awarded his PhD in Clinical Psychology. This was a special day because it has taken much time, dedication, and hard work. John is the hardest working person I have ever met. He also loves what he does more than anyone I know, and that deserved a celebration.

(John and Rosemary)
John has been finished with classes for more than a year now. His last couple steps included finishing his dissertation, getting licensed as a Psychologist, and finally his residency/internship at Duke University Medial Center. He finished this all in June, but had to wait until December to actually walk. Since June he has been in a post doctoral position at Duke in their medical center, specifically in their ADHD clinic (and no it is not ADD any longer. It has not been called ADD since the 80's).

This is a major accomplishment and needed to be celebrated. After graduation, we headed out to lunch with the family and John's adviser, Dr. Rosemary Nelson-Gray. It was a nice way to celebrate John because he so rarely takes any credit. After lunch, he made a small request to go to his favorite coffee house to have a celebratory cup of coffee. So, we headed Tate Street Coffee House.

So, what is it about Tate Street Coffee that is so special? Is it the amazing cup of coffee or the eclectic decor? Yes, and so much more. This place holds significance for John because he spent many afternoons studying, writing papers, and doing research in this particular coffee house. It is located near the UNCG Psychology building and it was a way to get in a short walk and his caffeine fix each day. John stopped here almost every day to get a cup of coffee in his reusable Tate Street mug. He claims it has the best coffee he has ever had.

Normally, I would disagree with buying something every day that you could make or bring from home. This was different, I never said a word. I understood how important a trip to the coffee shop was for him. Sometimes he worked over twelve our days in the psychology clinic and doing research and he had an hour drive too and from work. This was his only break and only sanity in a long and hectic day. How could I be against that? And besides, we could handle this small expense.

(John and Me)
John is a determined and intelligent person. Since I met him, I knew I wanted to be like him. His dedicated example turned me from a C student to a A student and motivated me to go to graduate school. In his short time in Psychology he has accomplished so much. He has a publication and research list that is impressive. His credentials and hard work have landed him a position at Duke University.

He should be proud. His family is proud of him and I am proud of him. John does not like to talk about or make a big deal about himself. In fact, I wanted to hold a party with family and friends and he just wanted his family to come to graduation and go to lunch. If it was me, I would want a big bash and would make everyone call me "Dr. Newman."

We all deserve a little celebration and I am going to call him Dr. Mitchell at least for the next couple of weeks.

Congratulations, Dr. Mitchell!

(John's vegan celebratory cake from Dharma Bakery in Durham, NC)

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Wow Congratulations! to you both and a very Happy New Year - Best Wishes for 2010!