Saturday, January 2, 2010

Happy New Year

It is 2010, a new year, and new decade. I feel like I should set a major, life changing resolution for the coming year and decade. John has two resolutions. The first is to get more exercise and the second is to watch less TV. I can live with the more exercise. John is in good shape, but he realizes the importance of weekly, if not daily, exercise. I tend to agree.

I do not wish to set my resolution as either of those things. I feel passionate about neither. (Although, I will go and exercise with him. It will be good for me). After my 1994/1995 resolution of going vegetarian, there is really nothing that I can resolve to do that will top going vegetarian. It was the best resolution I ever made and I have stuck with it for all these years. It was a major life change and I will never go back. The resolution helped my health, my body, my mental health, the planet, the environment, and animals. Nothing else can compare.

Do I really need to top that resolution? Probably not. I just do not feel motivated enough to make a huge resolution and announce it to the blogosphere. I have several small resolutions in mind. One is of a personal nature that I do not want to announce. If I can accomplish my resolution, which might not be possible in one year, the end result will be overall better health mentally and physically.

The second is that I want to take more trips. Weekend trips, day trips, week trips, etc. My 2009 was lacking in vacations and getaways and by December, I severely needed a mental break. In 2010 I want to go places with John, with friends, and with family. I want to visit Ashville again, the beach, wineries, etc. Anyone want to plan a short trip with me?

I guess that is good enough. Happy 2010!


Jim Penny said...

I suspect you'll receive your trips in abundance.

Alfonso said...

we felt the same way, that's how we ended up in the bahamas in December and will be heading to italy in March :)

i think we'd be up for a local group trip somewhere...don't know where, but it might be fun to vacation with friends.

VeggieAmanda said...

Italy in March?!?! That is awesome. John and I have been thinking about going there or to Ireland this year.

I am up for a trip somewhere as well with a group. Asheville, the beach, Boone, etc? We should make plans.