Thursday, December 17, 2009

Vintage Aprons on Etsy

On a recent trip to Buffalo, my mother acquired some vintage aprons from my grandmother. They are all from the 1950's and all homemade. I was so excited when I saw them because I knew they they would be a great addition to my Etsy store. I invited several friends over and we spent the afternoon taking pictures of ourselves in the aprons. We had a blast posing in the kitchen and with different cleaning devices.

I have started adding them to my site slowly. One of the first aprons that I added to the store was a smock made from colorful tree and stream pattern. The fabric was in good conditions and only had a few small stains. It sold soon after I put it on the site.

Since the first apron, I have only added two other aprons to my store. They are both aprons that tie at the waist.

The second apron is also from the 1950's and is made from a delicate cotton fabric. The fabric and stitching is in excellent condition and the apron is not worn or faded. The front pocket contains lace and small blue flowers. This apron would be great for anyone who wants to add some delicacy and fun to cooking or cleaning.

The third apron is also from the 1950's and is made from a fun patterned fabric of windmills, a dancing couple, flowers, and hearts. This apron was never used and is in excellent condition. The apron does not look worn or faded and has held up well. This apron would be a great addition for anyone who wants to add a little pizazz and color to cooking and cleaning.

I have several other aprons that I have not listed as well as some vintage clothing. I plan to list even more after the holidays. When I started my store, I did not expect to also sell vintage pieces. I am glad that in addition to remade and recycled products that I am also selling vintage pieces. After all, purchasing a vintage piece instead of something new is a GREAT way to recycle and remember the past!

Happy recycle-shopping!

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