Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Celebration Lunch

I found out I was pregnant just as I hit 4 weeks (fast forward now to 19 weeks). I had the thought, "I wonder if I am pregnant?" and then bought a test to confirm. I didn't have a lot of time to think about it. I didn't even tell John that I suspected I could be. I didn't want him to get his hopes up and in my mind I didn't even believe I was. I hear of woman just "knowing". I guess I am not that in tune with my body because the only thing I noticed was an absence of a period, which wasn't all that odd for me. It was because of the absence that I went to the store and bought a pregnancy test. When I came home, I secretly took the test. To my surprise, I was pregnant. 

John was working in the office, unsuspecting. I walked up, shaking, and said "We have to talk". I wasn't scared, I was just stunned. One minute before I had found out I was pregnant and I didn't yet know what to think. I told him the news and he jumped up and hugged me and was ecstatic. I calmly told him not to get too excited because it was so early and anything could happen. We took 2 two more tests to confirm. 

It was a Sunday, so I couldn't call my Doctor for an appointment until the next day. In addition, John was also leaving for a work trip to Turkey. I ended up getting an appointment for that Wednesday. The appointment consisted of a pregnancy test and my Doctor talking to me about a few things. And she confirmed that I was indeed pregnant. 

Now, I had my confirmation and I was only 4.5 weeks in. I needed to head back to work, but I wanted a little something to eat- to celebrate. The nausea and tiredness had not yet set in. My Doctor is near Cafe' Love- Live Organic Vegan Eats. I felt like I had to stop by before going back to work. The news had not even set in yet, but all I knew was that my life was going to change and that anything was possible. I had no reason to think I'd have a miscarriage, but I am Ms. Cautious when it comes to risk. 

It was hard to keep the news from people, but I knew I had too for a while. It was even hard walking into Cafe' Love not saying anything about my new news. After looking through the daily options, I picked out avocado and "rice" sushi and mushroom enchiladas. All raw, delicious, vegan and gluten free. There are always so many enticing choices, but I didn't feel like buying the whole menu that day. (And while that sounds like a joke, I have bought every item on the menu before. :-) It did not occur to me that I forgot to buy a raw dessert until I was in the car and on the way home. How could I forget dessert? It seems almost like a crime! Especially since their desserts are just heavenly! I mean HEAVENLY!!!!

I brought my selections to my office to eat after exchanging pleasantries with Jane Howard and Matthew- the owners. They are both such happy and friendly people. I think it is all of the vitamins from the raw veggies they eat! :-)  They also have the knowledge that their food is delicious and nutritious. 

I ate every last drop and enjoyed it to the fullest. I love sushi in raw or cooked form (vegan only though) and any time this is on the menu, it is in my order. I can't pass it up. The enchiladas are simply amazing. The tortillas are dehydrated, but still moist and flexible. The filling and the sauce is decadent. You wouldn't believe how filling raw food was until you tried it yourself. It never looks like enough food until you consume it. The nutrient density and fat from the nuts really fill you up. As I licked the container that the enchiladas came in, I wished I would have bought more of the menu for dinner and snacks. Again, how could I have forgotten dessert?

I will always remember this meal as my celebratory "I'm OFFICIALLY pregnant!" meal!


affectioknit said...

That is such WONDERFUL news!

Congratulations and Blessings!

~Have a lovely day!

Dawn said...

Love reading these stories <3 And yay for having the memory of doing something so healthy for you and your baby.

Ingrid said...

Congratulations!! Love the story, and the Cafe Love treats!

Amey said...

what a sweet post. Even if no one else knew you were celebrating, the meal had such a special significance for you. Sometimes private celebrations are just as special!

Unknown said...

Congratulations! Love the story!