Sunday, January 1, 2012

A New Year and a Rebirth

I have been absent from reading and writing blogs in the past month. I have been quite busy with some life changes and the holidays. While things have not slowed down completely, I still plan on coming back. I have a lot of favorite blogs to catch up on as part of my return. I might be slow, but I'm still here.

As you know, it is the new year and time for resolutions and rebirths. I personally have not made any resolutions this year. I find it hard to choose a resolution that I feel committed too. Eighteen years ago, I made a resolution to go vegetarian. That resolution has evolved into becoming a vegan. I can't top that resolution, so I don't try any longer. Instead, I have a life-long resolution to stay vegetarian and continue to increase my compassion and commitment towards animals.

As part of my commitment, I have already made a significant change this year. I gave up my career in the corporate world to pursue my passion for animals. Starting on January 3, I will begin a position with an animal rights organization. (I would love to say more, but I am not sure how much I am allowed to say at this point, so I'll have to speak in general terms.) Words can't express how excited and honored I am to be working for an organization whose mission is similar to how I live my life.

I feel so fortunate to say that I will begin work each day with saving animals from torture, suffering, and pain at the forefront of my thoughts. So many of us go to work each day as drones, working for the weekends. It feels so surreal that I won't have to live my life like that any longer. It reminds me of a quote I saw recently by Confucius that encouraged me to take a chance and apply to this position.
"Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life."
I try not to kid myself as I know this job won't be perfect, as with any job, but I will always be able to fall back on the passion for animals that I feel. And, while your passions may be different, I hope you will consider the impact you have with each meal you choose to eat. Remember that with each bite you take, you have a chance to make a choice. You can choose to lessen suffering by eating a cruelty-free vegan meal. My wish is that more of the world will come to realize and accept this choice.

Here is to a New Year, a new start, and for pursuing our passions! HAPPY NEW YEAR!


John said...

Good luck on pursuing your passion and good for you for making such a choice based on your values!

Cara said...

YOU'RE BACK!!!! So good to see you post over here! Woo-hoo, how I missed you. Hoping all is well in your corner of the world. Congrats on the new job--there is no better thing than finding a career you actually *love* doing...well, maybe cookies are better, but not as fulfilling at least :) xoxo Happy New Year!

VeggieAmanda said...

Thanks Cara and John! You are right about the cookies Cara. :-) I hope to catch up on your blog soon!

x said...

I'm happy you're back :)

And congratulations on the new job, I am sure you're going to be so happy!

Tracy said...

Best of luck with the new job, Amanda! Hope that you are enjoying it! And can't wait to try out your next new recipe. Btw, saw you on TV today!!! Crazy. :)

VeggieAmanda said...

Thanks Tracy! Wait- what? You saw me on TV? What was it, I didn't know about anything that was going to air. You sure it was me?