Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Birthday Lunch at Thai Spices and Sushi

Sunday, March 1st was my Birthday with my friends at work was at Thai Spices and Sushi. I chose the restaurant because I love both Thai and Japanese food and find the place a nice getaway during the day. I usually get fresh rolls with tofu, salad with ginger dressing, and vegetable sushi. I was disappointed, at first, when I saw that they stopped serving sushi Tuesday-Thursday at lunch. Then I noticed that they added Bento boxes to their menu and was pleasantly surprised to see they had a vegetarian Bento box.

I was very enticed by the choices in the vegetarian Bento box and decided to order it. When it came, I chowed down on the yummy goodness in each compartment. The food was delicious and I even had leftovers. The box contained salad with ginger dressing, vegetable sushi, ginger, wasabi, edamame, spring roll rice, and tofu and vegetable curry.

I was so impressed with the presentation and the taste and cannot wait to go back! I am hungry just thinking about it!

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affectioknit said...

That really does look yummy!