Sunday, June 30, 2013

Triangle Raw Foods: Indiegogo Campaign

When you think about the exploding vegan movement, do you think of North Carolina? Probably not, considering this state has more pigs than people. You might want to start thinking about it. Compassion seems to be catching on here. There are amazing options springing up in Raleigh, Chapel Hill, and my favorite triangle location- DURHAM! 

One of my favorite places is Triangle Raw Foods (also known as TRF). They top the list as a favorite because they are all vegan and all gluten free and use local foods. TRF has been in the area for a while operating a food truck and meal delivery service. In addition, they have been hosting pop-up dinners across the triangle. The pop-up dinners introduced me to their food, but also taught me a lot about raw food consumption. 

Jane and Matt!
You might be thinking RAW, that is boring. Think again! Chef Matthew Daniels and Jane Howard Crutchfield make food that is anything BUT boring. The desserts are so decadent, you would have a hard time believing that they are raw and vegan. The blueberry tarts would most certainly challenge your thinking of how raw food tastes. And if you ever get your hands on their hazelnut chocolate cake or tarts, forget about ever wanting a cooked dessert again! Then there are the entrees! Sweet potato sushi, tacos with cashew sour cream, kale salads, tu-not, spicy Thai basil noodles, and mac and cheeze, to name a few. 

Blueberry tarts
Those of us that know and love them have been waiting for them to open a cafe. Now is the time and they need our help! They are running an Indiegogo campaign to raise funds for this dream. They only have seven days left to raise money and as of today, they need about $8,352 to help carry out their dream. I hope you will consider donating to this campaign, even if it is only $10. Any amount helps! 

Sweet potato sushi
Not interested since you don't live in the Raleigh-Durham area? No problem! TRF has an online store where you can order goods and have them shipped to you.  Please still consider donating as the kitchen will help them to bring products to your area! They are also trying to get their products in other areas of the country. They are currently selling some items in Richmond, VA at Elwood Thompson's Local Market.

I am crossing my fingers and hoping that this amazing business gets funded! Please help make that happen!!

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Ingrid said...

I used to visit NC more frequently, but haven't been there since 2009. I will have to remember TRF for future trips! Sounds delicious!