Sunday, September 19, 2010

Successful Dog Wash!

My favorite event by the Durham Animal Protection Society is their annual dog wash. I look forward to it for months. The event raises money for the shelter to help them provide loving homes to deserving dogs, cats, rabbits, and other companion animals.

I love spending time with animals, especially dogs and it is a pleasure spending time washing them. Some animals are terrified of the water and others jump in and are ready to go. Each dog requires individual attention, care, and love.

All of the dogs that my group washed were sweet, even those that were scared. The very first dog we washed was the most terrified and growled at first. Luckily, with patience and his human companion we were able to wash him without incident.

My personal favorite of the day was a Newfoundland that was over 100 pounds. He was a big sweetheart! He was afraid of the water and to wanted to cuddle. I didn't mind! I pet and reassured him while we carefully and gently washed him. Sorry, no picture of that sweetie!

Overall, the 2010 dog was was a success! They raised $3,500 and washed 175 dogs! I can hardly wait for next year.

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affectioknit said...

That is so awesome - community events like that are always fun!