Tuesday, October 27, 2009

New Post?

I find myself again the position of blogging about NOT blogging when I have stuff to blog about (yah, I know I used that word too many times). I could give you a list of excuses. What's the point?

The bottom line is that I need to just get to it. So why aren't I writing about those things, instead writing an excuse? Well, I have to get my photos together. Most of the time, I need a visual to go along with my post. I could tell you about some of the food or products that I have made, but it will not be useful unless you can see a visual element.

I guess I could try and think of things to blog about without visuals, but the blog might just turn into a gripe session. I am not sure that would be interesting to anyone, but me. If even that. I have topics to gripe about, but that is not the point of this blog.

My goal is to get my act together by the end of this week (Sunday at 11:59 pm) with some type of a blog with a visual or a link to a visual. Let's see if I can accomplish my goal.

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