Thursday, April 30, 2009

Newman Improved Grand Opening on

It is finally time for the grand opening of Newman Improved! My store design is finalized, loaded, and ready for customers. I have a handful of products that I have created and will begin posting blogs about the story of each product.

I decided to start a store on because I like to create. The site promotes handmade products and has a lot of good finds. I have bought several birthday and Christmas gifts for family and friends. Each product has been made well and has made the recipient smile!

There are a lot of stores on, but my thought was to create a store with all recycled, reused, and vegetarian (vegan) products. Every product in my store started out as something else. Some of the materials were scraps from other products and others have been repurposed into something completely different. So far, the only new materials that I have used have been string and paint (even some of the string and yarn was left over from other projects).

As a consumer, I feel guilty for purchasing new products. I have tried to shop more at thrift and consignment shops, keeping in mind that gently used cloths are still worthy of wear. The more new we buy, the more that will end up in our over-crowded landfills. One way to combat this dilemma is to take used items and turn them into something else, something new.

There is not any reason that a repurposed item cannot be thought about as new! It is new because it has a new use. The materials in the product may have been reused, but the idea and the end product are fresh. It is exciting to think that you are using something that someone else once owned in another form.

My plan is to blog about each of my products. I want to tell the story behind the itemand the materials that were used/reused. I cannot promise that the stories are exciting. What I can promise is that a lot of thought, concern, care, and love have gone into each of the products that I create.

Please visit Newman Improved and view my products. Email me, convo me (on, or post a comment if you have any questions. I enjoy hearing from people who care about the environment, so do not hesitate to contact me. Thank you for taking the time to read about my store and thank you for looking at my creations.

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